Fixed deposit account is a type of interest-bearing deposit for individual(s), joint operation or company and association to make benefit per day or short – term.

  • Passbook will be issued to check all transactions entry and balanced recorded.
  • Interest is calculated on daily balance and entried monthly to prime account.
  • Benefit on short – term interest and sound rollover of cash may be offered to call depositor(s).
  • Interest rate on MTB Call Deposit (no Limit) – (5.25%)p.a.


  • For the first time, customer needs to pay visit to the bank to open new account.
  • National Registration Card (or) National Scrutinization Card (Original).
  • (Minimum) initial deposit – mmk (10,000).
  • Interest calculated on daily balance is entried monthly to prime account.

Feature & Benefits

  • By opening a Call Deposit Account at MTB Bank, you can benefit from a short-term interest from it.
  • The interest rate for Call Deposit Accounts (No limit on deposit amount) is 5.25% p.a.
Interest Rate (Under 5000 Lakhs) 5.70% p.a
Interest Rate (5000 Lakhs & Above) 6.20% p.a