Current account is a type of bank accounts available to open suitable type of account by individual, joint, company or association to make safe and secure business transactions by cheque (or) check as a negotiable instrument through over the counter service or CBM net channel.

  • It is a type of demand deposit which can be deposited unlimited and paid on demand.
  • Foreigners can also open a type of (Non Resident) current account. Monthly bank statement shown all transactions and balances is issued on free of charge.


  • Inevitably, first time customer will pay visit to the bank to open new account.
  • National Registration Card (or) National Scrutinization Card (Original).
  • (Minimum) initial deposit -mmk (1,000).
   Initial Deposit    1,000 Kyats


Feature & Benefits

  • Business transactions and payment can be made safe and reliable by cheque among individuals or business entities as a contractual relationship.