• Fixed deposit account is a type of interest-bearing deposit consist of several type of fixed deposit maturity periodically.
  • MTB Fixed deposit is varied into (-) type of maturity on (30) days, (90) days , (180) days, (270) days and (1) year of selected options.


  • For the first time, customer needs to pay visit to the bank to open new account.
  • National Registration Card (or) National Scrutinization Card (Original).
  • (Minimum) initial deposit is – mmk (10,000) and no limitation for deposit.
  • MTB Fixed Deposit can be initiated by either cash deposit or account transfer.

Feature & Benefits

Interest rates on respective maturity are as follows;

   Fixed Period    Interest Rate
 (30) days  (7.30%) p.a
 (90) days  (7.75%) p.a
 (180) days  (8.30%) p.a
 (270) days  (8.30%) p.a
 (1) Year term  (8.70%) p.a
  • Interest rate may be changed from time to time.
  • Principle and interest on maturity will be paid as the following options by account holder(s);
  1. To withdraw both principle and interest.
  2. To extend maturity on both principle and interest.
  3. To extend maturity on only principle and withdraw interest.
  4. To extend maturity on only principle and to transfer interest to specified account by customer.


– It can be made rollover on due of previous maturity.

– On demand before maturity, MTB creates and offers loan against deposit product to such a customer in order to make full benefit on maturity.