Saving deposit account is an interest-bearing account type for the purpose of saving money securely, regular benefit from interest and investing for the future. Passbook will be issued for all entries of transactions and balance recorded. No limitation for deposit amount.


  • Inevitably, first time customer will pay visit to the bank to open new account.
  • National Registration Card (or) National Scrutinization Card (Original).
  • (Minimum) initial deposit -mmk (1,000).
  • No limitation for deposit amount.
  • Individual, joint, company or association can open respective type of saving deposit.
   Initial Deposit    1,000 Kyats

Feature & Benefits

  • Interest on saving deposit is adopted according to CBM’s interest rate notified from time to time. Monthly interest specifically calculated on the basic principle of deposited amount within early (5) days of month and the last outstanding balance up to end of month which will be added at the quarterly rest.


   Interest Rate    7.00% p.a