SME Loan can be applied to make fund raising to SME business or family business for more prospect.

Personal information

  • National Registration Card (NRC) (OR) National Scrutiny Card
  • Household Members List
  • Letter of recommendation from the ward
  • Valid passport photo of applicant.


Business information

  • Valid Business license (OR) Valid certificate of incoporation
  • Receipts of taxation for the last (3) years
  • Proof of the business
  • Employees list of the business (If it’s a company limited, (7) pages document of DICA)
  • Loan application form
  • Purpose for using the loan
  • BOD meeting minute.


Financial information

  • Financial statement for the last (3) years
  • Bank Statement for the previous (6) months (If any)


Collateral information

  • Freehold land (land documentation and related contracts of land possession).
  • Leasehold Land (updated land possession of applicant(s).
  • Map/ land history from (105/ 106), which was copied within the last (6) months