MTB Internet Banking is a self-service banking system whereby customers of the bank are able to secure and safe banking transactions anytime, anywhere without paying services a visit to the bank. MTB’s Customers can manage their real-time banking processes via their own PCs, Laptops, Smartphones or other electronic devices with access to the internet without travelling to the bank by themselves.


Financial management

Myannma Tourism Bank’s customers can manage all the financial transactions of either related or corporate accounts.


Remittance via Internet Banking

Myanma Tourism Bank offers its to customers transfer their funds easily by typing the right amount of funds they want to transfer via Current Account, Saving Account and Call Account without bearing any extra charges. 


Avaiable Users to Internet Banking Services

Internet banking services are provided to individuals, Private companies, Organizations and Associations.


Requirements to apply Internet Banking

Requirements to apply Internet Banking are as follows:

  • The user respective bank account is needed to open for Internet Banking services
  • User’s email account is required to operate Internet Banking
  • Active Internet access, Browsers, (Firefox, Chrome.,etc.) and any electronic device (Such as Laptop, PC, Smartphone or tablets) are also required.


Benefits using Internet Banking

  • Convenience: Ease of using banking processes and services real-time online without a personal visit to the physical branch.
  • Liability: MTB’s customers can use all the banking services without any concern because MTB protects customers’ accounts from being lost or stolen by using authenticated security systems.
  • Effectiveness: Real-time banking transactions.
  • Reassurance: MTB’s customers can sparethe of time and physical fatigue as they can make their banking services easily anytime and anywhere.



You must take a visit to the nearest branch of Myanma Tourism Bank to apply for the Internet Banking service.

The account types that can use Myanma Tourism Bank’s Internet Banking service are:

  • Saving Account
  • Call Deposit Account
  • Current Account 

  • MTB bank to MTB bank Account transfer
  • Checking account balance and information anytime, anywhere
  • Mobile Top-Up

- Please check the following table!

Internal Transfer/Own Account Transfer(Retail User)
   (Per Transaction Limit)    20,000,000

   (Daily Limit)



Internal Transfer Own Account Transfer (Coporate User)
   (Per Transaction Limit)    50,000,000

   (Daily Limit)